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Welcome to the Minicows West Sale Page. Here you will find Semen, Fullblood heifers, and percentage bred heifers and bulls. You will also find the latest university studies on our genetics, to prove the value of our animals. (See the Beef Studies link--The results are exciting!)

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Fullblood and percentage bred bulls and heifers

Please contact us at [email protected] or (208) 523-5959 for assistance, availability, and questions.

Domestic American Aberdeen (Lowline) Semen Sales

The choice of semen depends greatly on the direction you want your breeding program to take and what you will do with the progeny produced. All American Aberdeen (Lowline)-based calves do very well in a number of situations. There are many choices.

Semen from full blood bulls allows the registration of calves in the American Angus Registry (formerly American Lowling Registry) which permits registration of animals that are 50% American Aberdeen (Lowline) or greater. Using full blood bulls, it is possible to breedup to 7/8 % or purebred status. Percentage bred animals are in good demand since they offer so many possible directions, (beef, seed stock, pets), and sell at a partial price of full bloods. Here smaller, with good quality, is better. Choose Ltl Muggs at 32 ins.

The next choice would involve either Bullseye Jr. or Oreo. Both of these bulls are Belted Galloway by full blood crosses. Since the belt is dominant, there is a 50:50 chance of small belted calves. They are brothers and their dam was a 33 in. American Aberdeen (Lowline) bred by Caeser. Here you win either way. High novelty appeal and value for either sex, and great pasture to plate beef potential.

Last, but far from least there is Hershey, Jersey by full blood crosses, produced by our smallest animal, Ltl Muggs. "Jerlines" are the result of research we did for local dairies to solve the Jersey bull calf problem. These have so low a value that many are killed at birth. The cross produces an animal that is full bodied, with great beef potential for the males and an all around female with out any peers. The ultrasounds and taste tests prove superb beef and milk potential in the same package. They are far beyond the potential of Dexters and others bred for dual purposes. This is the ultimate "All Around" cow.

We believe strongly in quiet and gentle bulls. We have selected carefully for these traits along with the qualities that make American Aberdeen (Lowline) a breed apart for their proper niches. Simply choose your direction or directions and "Go for it". All semen is $30 per straw with no minimum. We have made ordering as simple as a phone call. Call Hoffman A.I. at (435)753-7883 and you will be cared for quickly and professionally. Doug Coombs there can also give you his views on the bulls since he has had them there in quarantine for the collections.
Semen: The surest, simplest & easiest way to start American Aberdeens (Lowlines)!

From great fullblood American Aberdeen (Lowline) bulls $30

From Belted Galloway and Belted Galloway by full blood crosses $30

From Jersey by Jersey full blood crosses $30

Brutus Ltl Brutus is a smaller, linebred Caesar American Aberdeen (Lowline) bull with the best certified ultrasounds we have seen to date on any animal (see additional information below).

Both sire and dam are very easy going and smaller in stature. Brutus will breed true.

He is a return to the qualities produced by the original American Aberdeen (Lowline) research project that separates American Aberdeen (Lowline)s and Brutus from the rest of the herd.

Brutus is the perfect choice to start American Aberdeen (Lowline)s or small cattle. His progeny can be registered as American Aberdeens (Lowline). Now you should have American Aberdeen (Lowline) size, quality, and efficiency with 1/2 blood calves from any reasonable sized female. He is ideal as a sire for smaller heifers (safety with quality), and as an alternate for Ltl Muggs to reinforce all the good stuff. He is ideal for breeders who want smaller, high-quality, even-tempered cattle.

$30 per straw with quantity discounts available

Additional information (pdf)

Bullseye, Jr. (D.O.B. 4-4-04) Miniature Belted Galloway x American Aberdeen (Lowline) crossbreed. Both sides are registered. This new breed (All American Cattle) does it all. Outstanding credentials from both sides with very positive ultrasounds.

Bullseye Jr. is a great opportunity for beef, seedstock, and color in a small package. Gentle, trainable, and right sized, with traffic stopping good looks. Certified semen is
$30 per straw
Bulleseye, Jr. - yearling
Yearling, left side Mature
Mature, right side
Hershey (D.O.B. 7-27-02) was sired by "Texas", a stout, well-made, registered American Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus bull. His dam is a small-framed, dairy quality Jersey. The resulting "Jerline" is a positive answer to the quest for the ideal all-around bovine. He looks exactly like a full blood American Aberdeen (Lowline). Hershey scores a very impressive choice grade for marbling (5.34%) and 1.6 inches of rib eye area per hundred pounds! Certified semen is
$30 per straw

Jerlines are a "have it all" crossbreed. They are small, gentle, feed efficient, all-purpose animals for pets, petting zoos, 4H, milk, seedstock, or natural, high quality beef.

Price On Request


LTL Muggs (32 inches at the pin). A significant breakthrough in American Aberdeen (Lowline) breeding! Small size with ideal conformation and high quality. LTL Muggs exhibits a concentration of American Aberdeen (Lowline) power in a very small frame. University of Idaho ultrasounds show that, pound-for-pound, he has full American Aberdeen (Lowline) potential for large rib eye area, good marbling, and low back fat. LTL Muggs is ideal for size reduction without sacrificing quality in any breeding. Perfect for the small market, size reduction or small first calvers.

$30 per straw.

LTL Muggs

Oreo DOB 12-09-04. Oreo is one of the First of Its Kind in American Aberdeen (Lowline) breeding! Miniature, small-framed, registered, belted American Aberdeen (Lowline) bull. The sire is Bullseye and the Dam is Muggsy, a 36-inch fullblood American Aberdeen (Lowline). Be the first to own the best,

$30 per straw

Brenton's Best
He has the size that is ideal to add American Aberdeen (Lowline) genetics to halfblood calves while keeping both size and calving ease. Perfect for the proven direct market of 1/2 blood American Aberdeen (Lowline) beef. He is also an excellent choice for American Aberdeen (Lowline) seedstock with beef production in mind.

His dam is S006, Matilda. She was ultrasounded at the National Western Stock Show. She had 1.5 sq. inches of rib eye per hundred weight and marbling of 6.52% (high choice) on grass feed only, as a yearling. His sire, Brenton, has produced a number of winners at the National Western Stock Show.

$40 per straw

Brenton's Best
Bullseye Here is Cany Branch Bullseye. He is a very small registered dun-colored Belted Galloway. He is on target to add quality and color to your cattle of any breed for any purpose. $30 per straw

Animals For Sale:
Sebastian Sebastian (DOB Oct 2015) is a 3/4 blood American Aberdeen (Lowline) bull calf. Sired by Dodger. For sale or lease.
Call Minicows West for price
(208) 523-5959


Prince Sandy Clark's blue ribbon champion calf, sired by Minicowswest Dodger


Dodger FM21793. Full blood American Aberdeen (Lowline) bull for sale or lease in 2017.


Oreo Oreo is a 3/4 American Aberdeen (Lowline) weanling bull

Heifer calves like this may be available. Please contact us for availability.

They have their shots, Brucellosis tags, and may be halter broken

sweet one, sweet thing, sweet hope

sweet little gal
Ltl One, Registered full blood American Aberdeen (Lowline) heifer, Classic Size
DOB 11-15-06
Sire: FM #1 Quartermaster
Dam: EZ Buttons N Bows
Exposed to Brutus Aug 1, 2010 (see profile of Brutus above under Semen Sales)
little one
Oprah. Angus x American Aberdeen (Lowline) registered heifer
DOB: 05-05-09
SOLD - but we have more
Idaho Gem. Weanling, Full Blood American Aberdeen (Lowline) female
DOB: 6-27-10
Daughter of Princess and Quambi Houdini
Spaz. "Jer/Line", Jersey x American Aberdeen (Lowline), registered
DOB: 04-29-09
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